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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Off to the Quilt Shop

It’s not a nice day at all here today, it’s  pouring down with horrible squally heavy rain, and we even had a little hail early on too.   There were a few things that needed doing this morning, so out we went to brave the weather.  I needed a trip to the quilt shop, I told Robin, so he sat in the car reading the paper while I rushed into Krazy Cow.  I’ve come to a bit of a standstill on the memory quilt I’m making, and in need of inspiration.  I’m sure to find it in a quilt shop, aren’t I?      

It’s been a while since I had been in this shop, but the owner Trish still remembered my name – isn’t that nice!  So I had a good look around, checking out the great range of batiks in particular.  Silly me – I should have taken the half finished quilt down to the shop with me.  But I made a couple of purchases anyway and will see how the colours fit in with the plan I’ve got in mind.


P9200004 Plenty to see at the Krazy Cow

We had another very important chore to do – go and vote in the General Election.  So we did, and I’ve got a sticker saying “Yes, I have voted”  to prove it.  The school mothers decided to run a cake stall in the foyer as all the voters went in to do their democratic duty.  They were doing a roaring trade, we noticed, and there wasn’t a great deal left as we stopped to check it out.  Robin decided that we really should help the school funds out and buy some date scones to take home for lunch.

P9200012 Yes, I have voted

After dropping my book back to the library, everything on our list was done.  The heavy rain is still coming down but we are safely home, tucked up in the warm.  And we are not moving – Robin has rugby to watch and I’m going to do a little sewing.  Not to mention keeping an eye on the Election results when they start coming in later in the evening. 


Nancy J said...

Gale winds here Jenny. but not a single tree blown over yet!! I was hoping it might save some chainsaw work. The stream is running. 12.9 mm of rain in 24 hours, and motorists warned to stay off the Manawatu roads.Well, the fire is going, Hugh and Joyce made pumpkin and onion soup for lunch, yummy. A very dear friend ,..Joyce is here for a few weeks, how is it that when you meet again it is as if you were together yesterday?? Hugs, Jean.

Allison said...

Hi Jenny, a rainy start to our school holidays here too. I did a little sewing yesterday, but was way too tired to late the day - had a couple of nanna naps during the day. Was able to finish a project today though.
Happy Sewing