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Monday, September 15, 2014

Cooking while dressed in Givenchy

I’ve been busy in the kitchen all morning, dressed in my Givenchy apron.  It’s not as posh as it sounds.   My one and only Givenchy came from an OP Shop in Patea while we were passing by on one of our caravan trips.  There I spotted a length of very dark folded fabric with the famous name Givenchy printed all over it.  Wondering what it was, I carefully unfolded it.  It turned out to be a printed apron panel, and I purchased it for the princely sum of $2. 


I’m hosting my Sew Wot quilting buddies here tomorrow so  I had to make sure I’ve something nice to serve for morning tea.  What to make?  I decided on a kiwifruit cake for a change, very similar to a banana cake.  And just look at this, more double yolkers!  We buy local free range eggs and have been getting an awful lot of these from lately.

P9150024 Two double yolks going in my cake

Then I made a batch of biscuits, and prepared something tasty for lunch.  Poor Robin is feeling rather under the weather so I’m doing my best to look after him.  It’s just as well as I had my apron on while I was working in the kitchen  as I got in a bit of a mess!  Sadly, no time for any stitching today, what with my baking and nursing duties.


Nancy J said...

Jenny, I'm sending Robin heaps of TLC, as I ordered it by the truck load last Friday, and there is just a smidgeon left for you. Love that apron, and cake, too good to eat maybe. Take care, Hugs, Jean.

Katie said...

Yum. Kiwifruit cake sound good. I’m sure it will help cheer Robin up. :-)