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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hang the Washing in the Milking Shed

That’s what we were invited to do – hang any washing we had on the lines strung across he milking shed.  Not a working milking shed, I hasten to add.  The farm paddocks are now leased out and the shed is redundant, so the cows do not come visiting twice a day any more to be milked.    It was a typical wet Taranaki day yesterday when we visited the local laundry so I was pleased to be able to hang the washing up under cover.

DSCF4946 Washing in the Milking Shed

We are currently away in the caravan, and after spending the long Easter weekend at Kai Iwi Beach, Wanganui, have now moved on to New Plymouth.  The owners of the former milking shed are motor-homers themselves and run a POP – opening up their property for other members of the NZMCA to camp on their grounds for a night or two.   It was certainly a “wow” moment when we arrived and got a glimpse of  their magnificent home.   John and Marilyn’s impressive French decorated home won  the supreme award for House of Year in 2012.  The six of us camping in this POP were invited to join them for Happy Hour on the patio, and then Marilyn kindly gave the ladies of tour of her home.

DSCF4942 We are staying at this wonderful property

Robin and his family moved to New Plymouth when he was 8 years old, so this visit will be a trip down memory lane for him.  We plan to do some exploring, and catch up with his old school buddy.

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