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Friday, April 26, 2013

Feijoa Jam Time

I’ve been given a big bag of feijoas so I decided to make some jam.  Now, where did we put the preserving pan?  That’s right, it had been put away upstairs in the attic.  Robin was despatched to retrieve the pan, and I got busy preparing the fruit.  But first I had to find a feijoa jam recipe.  Luckily Mr Google knows everything and I soon found what I was looking for, and printed a copy off.

DSCF5182 Feijoas and lemons

Just as well I had been given lemons too, as I needed some to add to the jam.  I peeled and sliced all the feijoas, grated lemon rind and juice of a couple of lemons and put the lot in the preserving pan, using the potatoe masher to break the fruit up as it cooked.  The sugar was added next, stirred till dissolved, and the whole lot was boiled for the prescribed time, then bottled in sterilised jars.

DSCF5207 Feijoa jam

Doesn’t it look nice, those jars of golden feijoa jam?  Robin doesn’t like feijoas one little bit, so he won’t be eating any of my jam on his breakfast toast in the mornings.  Never mind – more for me!


MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Oh I do so love feijoas! Mum used to bottle them - does anyone ever bottle these days? - and they were sooo good! The crumbles...swoon...your jam sounds deevine...

Jenny said...

Don't bottle fruit any more, but I love to make jam. It is such a satisfying job to do, and then you have those lovely jars to put in the pantry.