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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coffee Club Morning

Today was Coffee Club day – the meeting of the local branch of the Cancer Society which offers support and companionship to those affected by cancer, whether patients, carers, friends or relatives.  I went through my cancer treatment about six years ago, and still like to keep in touch with the Cancer Society, which does such a marvellous job.  This monthly gathering is a group of friendly ladies, some have just started treatment, others are part way through, and then again there is another group (myself included) who hopefully have put this terrible illness right behind ourselves.  But as any cancer survivor knows, now and again we get that awful little niggly thought in the back of our minds, and we have to stamp it down quite firmly!

Hanging in the meeting room are two lovely quilts, so I was very keen to have a good look at them.  Daffodils are the symbol of the Cancer Society, and this lovely stained glass daffodil wall hanging was donated to the Levin Branch in 2009.  It was made by Yvonne Symonds in a class taught by Hazel Collinson.  The pattern was designed by the very talented Adrienne Walker.

DSCF5183 Made by Yvonne Symonds

The other quilt was a Japanese design on a black background.  Interestingly, the quilting differs throughout the quilt, and this difference is not obvious until one gets quite close to the quilt.  Donated items for the ongoing Garage Sale are piled on the table in front of the quilt so sadly I couldn’t get close enough to check for a label.  Members from the local quilt club come to the meeting rooms regularly to change the quilt hanging on this wall, I was told.  What a great idea – that would certainly add interest to all who regularly use the rooms.

DSCF5188 Japanese style quilt

Sadly, I still haven’t had a chance to sit down at my sewing machine for any length of time lately.  I’m starting to really suffer from withdrawal symptoms, and all I’ve done lately is a little mending.  Never mind, perhaps I can sit and sew one day next week.

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Nancy J said...

Lovely wall hanging, and great to know the quilter, her talents showing to you all, and the designer as well, very special. A gift from her heart. Greetings from Jean.