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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stonestead Thursday Stitchers

It was another lovely day joining the Thursday (fortnightly) stitchers in the beautiful grounds of Stonestead.  This was only my second time attending this group, and all the ladies are most welcoming and very pleasant.  I’m sure I’m going to enjoy their company and getting to know them a little better as time goes on.  We were making the most of the good weather and arranged ourselves under the sun umbrellas in the garden.  There was a lot going on an everyone was most industrious.  Mary was busy doing hand appliqué around her angel block, which featured a pieced plaid background.  This was purchased as a kit from Sawmiller’s Quiltery. she told me.
DSCF5654 Mary with her Angel block
Hexagon quilts are certainly very popular and Dorothy was busy hand quilting her pretty pink hexagon quilt.  That is a big quilt she seems to be hiding behind.  I really admire all the people who are on the hexagon revival – I’m sure I wouldn’t have the patience to cut, baste, then hand stitch all those hexagons together.
DSCF5656 Dorothy with her hexagon quilt
There was a bit of knitting going on too.  Carol was planning ahead for winter and had the knitting needles clacking away as she worked on a “feathers” hat for her daughter.
DSCF5655 Carol and her knitting
I admired the Hussif which Joyce had brought along, and she told me that she had made it many years ago.  It is made with the most beautiful wool tapestry showing all sorts of different stitches and has compartments inside to keep the sewing bits and bobs together. 
DSCF5659 Joyces’s pretty Hussif
Cheryl has a bit of a production line going making turtles.  She made the first one, now just can’t stop!  These cute little turtles open up to become a sewing kit, so they will make the ideal gift for friends, Cheryl told me.  The turtles have hexagons appliquéd onto their shells.  This one still needs the body stuffed.  Oh dear, I think he needs a head too.
DSCF5660 He’s nearly finished
The other two needed to walk on the stone footpath to smell the flowers for their photo shot, I decided.  Don’t they look cute?  You can just see the roll of thread peeking out  by the tail.
DSCF5661 Two cute turtle sewing kits
And what was I doing?  I started a new hand project but I’m not telling just yet.  More on that later.  We all enjoyed our Devonshire teas for lunch, hand delivered to our tables in the garden by chief scone maker Kevin – delicious as usual.  Thanks ladies, for your company and a great time stitching.


Kayjay in New Zealand said...

I love the turtles. Did Cheryl buy a pattern or make it up. Would love to get the pattern to make a soft toy one for my new great nephew.

Frances Leate said...

It looks like it was a lovely day and some beautiful work to enjoy - I am intrigued with the Turtles. I find English Paper Piecing very therapeutic and hexagons would make a great travelling project. Take care.

Maria said...

It is so nice to sit and stich with other ladies.They do look a happy group and I love all their work too.

Jenny said...

Everyone loved the turtles and the good news is that the pattern is a free download. Cheryl was happy to share the site for other interested turtle makers.