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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parcel in the Mail

Isn’t it exciting getting parcels in the mail?  Especially an unexpected parcel.  My pen friend Gail from Canada said the other week that she was sending me a little something in the mail, and it had been especially chosen for me by her young daughter Natalie.  And there it was, a neat little box, waiting patiently on the front doorstep for someone to notice and hurry it inside.  How exciting!  In no time at all the parcel was  inside the house, and the wrapping paper was removed to reveal – what’s this, it’s a Jim Shore box!
DSCF5758 Hope there’s a Jim Shore piece in this box
Quilters worldwide all know about Jim Shore and the wonderful decorated figurines he produces.  Taking authentic designs from quilting, rosemaling, appliqué and flat perspective folk art, Jim creates an intricate and colourful work of art that reflects shared cultural heritage yet is unmistakably Jim Shore.  I carefully opened the box, unwrapped the tissue paper and bubble wrap  and lifted out……
DSCF5759 Wrapped up in selvedges
Selvedges were wrapped all around as extra protection.  How kind – Gail knows I collect selvedges too.  There were this many, in all sorts of different colours to add to my collection.
DSCF5760 To add to my collection
So what did all the wrapping finally reveal?  It was this lovely little figurine of a brown bear with a Santa hat riding a polar bear, balancing on top of a globe of the world.  All beautifully decorated in the Jim Shore style, and is part of the “Bearstone Collection.”
DSCF5762 My gift from Gail
My beautiful Jim Shore ornament is safely wrapped up again and will come out at Christmas time.  Thanks so much Gail, and Natalie, for your lovely gift.
DSCF5763 Look what I got today!


loulee said...

LOL The gift wrap is cool too.

Rayna said...

What a wonderful surprise gift

Julz said...

Lucky you :) what a wonderful double gift - selvages and the most gorgeous Jim Shore ornament! Enjoy and hide those selvages! Hugs Jx

Katie said...

Aren't you the lucky one! :-)

Julie said...

Such a delightful gift, especially loved the selvedge wrapping, very clever. I have a Jim Shore tree decoration angel, should only be on display for christmas I know, but I love it so much I keep it out all year 'round!