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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meeting up with a cyber friend

Roz reads our blogs and she had commented previously that perhaps we could meet up next time we called in to her home town.  We were staying overnight in her part of New Zealand during our “Wairarapa Safari”, and made contact.  Yes, she would love to have us visit.  So we popped round to see her.  Roz remarked that she had the advantage of knowing what we looked like, from our photos on the blogs.  Over a cup of tea we got to know each other.  You know what quilters are like, they can’t stop talking!  “Would you like to come and see my play room?”, she asked.  Of course I would.  Being a true quilter, Roz had quilts all through the house.  This cute chicken quilt was on a rail in the hall way.
Roz has a lovely light and airy room in which to stitch away to her heart’s content.  Her DH has fitted out an existing wardrobe so that she can store away her fabric stash.  And what a good job he has done.  I wish my fabric collection was half as tidy!
DSCF5604 All nicely stacked away
The Sano Diyo quilt project is dear to Roz’s heart, and her aim is to complete 50 quilts to send over to be distributed to the orphanages in Nepal.  A little girl would just love this quilt, wouldn’t she?  Another colourful border will be added to make it a bit bigger.
DSCF5605 A quilt for Nepal
Roz sometimes purchases part projects online, then adds to them to make them single bed size.  She showed me a lovely pansy quilt which fell into this category.  She is happy to accept orphan blocks from friends, and quilt panels make a good starting point too.  It is a learning process to take what someone else has started, Roz says, and expand on their colour and fabric choices.  I think it is a wonderful thing to do, to make such a commitment.  In between times Roz does stitching for herself, and is taking part in an on-line quilt challenge.  Such rich colours in this appliqué centre, and I understand the next step is to surround it with pieced blocks.
DSCF5603 On-line challenge quilt
It was so nice to finally catch up with Roz after exchanging the occasional e-mail.  Thanks for your hospitality, and giving me a peep inside your sewing room.
If readers would like to see where we have travelled to over the last two weeks, check out our other blog on www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com   We had a great time and travelled to all sorts of places we hadn’t been before.  I never found a quilt shop though!


jnixey said...

Welcome home Jenny, sounds as though you had a great trip - but no quilt shops? was that bad organisation or bad luck?

loulee said...

I've met up with a few of my blog readers. You can't go wrong really, us quilters are a bunch of friendly chatterboxes.
Glad you enjoyed your visit.

Linda said...

Reading about meeting a blogging friend just warms my heart! I've had the same opportunities myself, and always come away from the first meeting marveling that two "perfect strangers" could converse and carry-on that way. How great that it happens all over the world! I'm so happy for you and Roz to have enjoyed it for yourselves.

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies. Yes, it is great that strangers can have such wonderful meaningful conversations, but of course we do have our love of quilting in common.

Jenny said...

Hi June

No I never found a quilt shop in the parts of rural and coastal Wairarapa we were traveling through. WE saw lots of other interesting sights though.