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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new convert, perhaps?

My friend Kathryn is recovering from an operation on her ankle so is resting at home.  Her leg is well plastered and she needs to keep it elevated and well rested.  Grand-daughter Thea has written all over the plaster, writing her name, Mummy and Daddy’s names,  as well as “I  love you” on Nana’s leg.  A walker helps her get around the house, but she must be careful not to overdo things.  “Can you come and help get me started with some patchwork?”, she asked.  Of course I could – so I bought something tasty from a bakery for our lunches, and went to see what I could do to help.
DSCF5679 Kathryn is keen to start stitching
Over a period of time Kathryn had bought a dozen or so fat quarters, a few half yards, and a whole bunch of fabric squares.  That sounds suspiciously like the beginnings of a stash to me!  She also had several bag patterns that she was eager to stitch, and a set of four small stitcheries showing the seasons.  Where to start, she wanted to know.  Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be starting today, I told her.  The first thing to do, I told her, was to wash the fabric.  I know that opinions vary on this point, but I am definately in the “always wash first“ club. 
DSCF5680 Kathryn’s stash
So we bundled up the fabric and I took it home to wash and iron.  I certainly didn’t mind this little chore, especially as I get to cut off and keep the selvedges, as a bonus.  However, more than half of the fabrics were pre-cut and packaged fabric from USA, and these unfortunately all came without a printed selvedge edge.  Doesn’t it all look nice drying in the breeze?
DSCF5685Patchwork fabric hanging up to dry
I can help with the stitcheries too.  It will be just a quick job to trace them out on some cream homespun over my light box.  And I know I can spare a little pellon as well to place behind the stitching.
DSCF5681 Seasonal stitcheris
So next time I pop in to visit Kathryn, she will have her stitcheries traced, and her patchwork fabric all freshly washed and ironed.  I’ll take my board and cutter too, so that she can start sewing one of those bags.  How nice to have a new convert to P & Q.


loulee said...

You enabler you! I hope Kathryn's leg heals soon and that she enjoys her new hobby.

Linda said...

Good on you! Isn't it fun to have a willing and eager student? I love teaching newbies. Seems like you're doing everything right for your friend. I hope Kathryn has lots of fun. Be sure to take pictures and tell us about her accomplishments.