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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Weekend Camping at Kai Iwi Beach

Our four days spent at Kai Iwi Beach Holiday Park was very pleasant.  We coped with the wind as best we could, the sun came out, then the rain, a bit of everything, but then Spring weather can be rather unpredictable in our part of the world.  I enjoyed time doing a little hand quilting on my New Zealand Botanical quilt, nice and cozy inside our van.  When I put it down for a while, Gemma decided it made a great cushion to cuddle beside.

She’s always busy snoozing

In fact, Gemma was rather like “the Princess and the Pea” while we were away.  We were supplied with a large  extra upholstered cushion which converts the front seating into a double bed, if required, and as we had not yet returned home, had to take it with us to the beach.    But being big and bulky, it was rather like “pass the parcel” as we moved it about night and morning – it wont be required as we don't have people come away with us, and will spent it’s life up in the loft.. Gemma loved it and thought it was just for her, to make her life more comfortable!  I mentioned that she was just like the Princess and the Pea (sleeping on multiple mattresses) to one of our male caravan club friends, and he had no idea what I was talking about!

Snoozing yet again

We provided Morning Tea to our caravan club members on Saturday morning, to celebrate my recent birthday.  Have to admit that I didn’t cook all these pikelets myself, but I did  top them with raspberry jam and whipped cream.

Morning Tea

One afternoon we took a visit to Windemere Berry Farm and Café, and our group took over multiple tables.  Most of us purchased some yummy strawberries to take back to the vans, then we decided what to have for afternoon tea.  Instead of the usual offerings of tea/coffee and cabinet food, the two of us decided on a delicious berry fruit ice-cream each.  And look at these little cuties we found outside – alpacas have the most gorgeous faces.

Two pretty alpacas

Of course we had to have a trip to the nearby beach. With Life Guards on duty looking over swimmers during the summer, it is also a great fishing area, and there is a huge  adventure playground and BBQ facilities close by.

Kai Iwi Beach

Several of us departed for home on Monday morning, Labour Day, while the others stayed an extra day.  Starting off driving in showers, by the time we got home the weather had cleared.  We got back to find some birthday cards waiting in the post for me, so that was lovely.

There is still quite a bit to do in our new van, so I’ll have to take the time to potter around.  Some drawers and cupboards will need rearranging, and I want to line the shelves with some of that non stick matting.  Then Robin will have to put some hooks up for me, we will get there bit by bit.


Kim said...

How fabulous to tour around in that lovely van of yours and hand stitch pretties as you drink in the passing scenery. Your days sound like bliss.

Julierose said...

What a lovely trip--nice beach views...hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

your morning tea and afternoon tea photos at times has me thinking what a wonderful tradition and it looks so yummy - but then I think of the weight problem i would have if I indulged in that!! all the yummy goodies look so very good though.

Maria said...

Even though the weather wasn't sunny all the time it looks like a nice place to camp...
The pickles, jam and cream look delicious.
Gemma definitely always looks sew comfy in the van.
Won't be long and you'll have all organised in the lovely new van.

Tired Teacher said...

Gemma has settled into the van very well. I'm always amazed how cats can sleep in the oddest contortions. The morning tea you prepared looks delicious.

Karen S said...

The weather has been all over the place here, too. But we are getting some lovely sunshine now so hope it heads your way.
Looks like you have had a lovely time away.

White Rose said...

Hi Jenny sounds like a wonderful time away hope you have a lovely day xx

loulee said...

Life on the road certainly suits you. Enjoy the new van.

Cathy said...

Happy Belayed Birthday my friend!