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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sydney to Auckland

It was time to leave Australia, so off we went, pulling our wheelie cases behind us.  Robin has a new case with four wheels, and it certainly is much easier to manage than mine with two wheels.  My “I Love Quilting” tag was a gift several years ago from pen friend Elaine from Oregon.

Yes, I do love quilting!

Our trip through Security at Sydney Airport was a little stressful.  Both of us were directed to the body scanner, stand there and hold our arms up we were told.  Nope, that wasn’t right, and a female officer was called in to pat me down – oh dear.  The trouble seemed to be the passport and money I had in a holder around my neck, that had to be removed, put on a tray and through the bag scan, and I went through the body scanner one more time.  Robin was getting patted down too, and all the while people are looking on, wondering what these people had been getting up to!  When we were finally sent on our way, we waited, and waited some more at the correct terminal gate, and finally were called to board.   Oh look, Air NZ knows our names!


This flight was a much shorter trip this time, just under 3 hours.  Hopping aboard the Sky Bus at Auckland Airport we drove through the rain as it got progressively darker, luckily the driver told us when to get off.  Booked in at reception, and then we were informed that we had been upgraded to  King Room, so that was a nice surprise.  It was a bit of a wrestling match to peel those extra tight airline socks off, and then we could relax.

Our room for the next 3 nights

I was a bit foxed by these sockets by the desk, and plaintively told Robin there was nowhere to plug my lap top into.  But I was wrong, seems that these strange things were universal power connectors, my 3 pin plug had to be turned upside down, and then it would fit.  How was I meant to know that – it was all a bit too technical for me.

New fangled power sockets

Up to the 13th floor we went the next morning for breakfast, and there was a lovely view over the harbour.  The rain had eased and the weather was clearing.  The breakfast buffet was amazing, much more choice and so much nicer than our previous hotel.  Robin was in Honey Heaven when he found this delightful honey comb – liquid honey was ready and waiting to be poured into a dinky little dish and spread on his breakfast toast!  And I found some smoked salmon and fancy cheese, so I was extra happy too.

Some of the delightful breakfast choices

We were told that just  across the road from our hotel was The London Lolly Shop.  So while Robin was resting his sore knee after our day sightseeing I popped across to find out.  Sure enough, there it was.  Have to admit some Fry’s Bars and Acid Drops were very keen to come back with me.

The London Lolly Shop

And lo and behold, quite by accident,  I discovered a quilt shop, called New Zealand Fabrics and Yarn tucked down an arcade.   As I entered, the girl behind the counter called out, “I do like your bag”.  I was carrying my  blue denim raggy bag, with my little blue koala purchased last year in Sydney hanging from the handle.  I like to take this with me on holiday, as I have attached “dog clips” inside to keep my wallet and camera safe.  (My bag will need a good wash when I get home).

My ever so handy raggy denim bag

This young lady is a Bag Lady, she told me, and likes to make all sorts of bags.  She showed me two which she had recently completed.  And by the look in her eye, I think she will be making herself a shaggy denim bag before too long.

Self confessed Bag Lady

New Zealand Fabrics and Yarns

It was so nice to talk to somebody so crafty, pet some fabrics and yes, a couple of fat quarters did come away with me.  Some nice batiks with NZ designs, a dark purple paua shell design and the other printed with pale green kowhai.  I’ll need the purple one when I get back to work on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.  That’s my excuse anyway.

New Zealand designed batiks


vintagerose said...

Hi Jenny wow what an amazing trip you are both having,love your bag tag and the breakfast looks so yummy,enjoy the rest of your trip xx

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Yes, as Sheryl said, what an amazing trip you two have enjoyed. I find security at airports kind of stressful no matter how easy it works out. Don't know why that is. Your breakfast is exactly what I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing it all.

Julierose said...

Isn't it amazing how you can always find a fabric/yarn shop??? I keep on the lookout when we travel too...lovely batiks...your room looks great...hugs enjoy:))) Julierose

Tired Teacher said...

So nice to get an upgrade on your room. It looks very comfortable! Isn't it a delight when you find crafty people while traveling. Quilters seem to connect instantly.

Karen S said...

I never get through a trip without being pulled aside for a further check at the airport. All I can assume is that grannies are a dangerous lot.
Glad the flight went well and that you had a great room. What a win with the shopping the following day!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Sounds like we didn't want you to go home Jenny! You deserved a special treat at home after all that! How wonderful to discover a quilt shop as well....lovely fabric buys xx

Janice said...

I’m glad you got back to NZ safely. The room upgrade was a nice balance to the security screening. It’s always nice th find a little craf5 shop tucked away in unexpected places. Yes, of course you NEED the purple fabric.