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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Several Days in Sydney

Hello Sydney, its great to be back.  Here we are back again,  fresh from our glorious time aboard the Indian Pacific train ride.  We arrived at big and bustling Central Station, and more importantly, our hotel is just across the road.  Oh look, they’re expecting us.  We were looking forward to a good nights sleep, the bed on the train shook and jiggled about as we bounced along the rail track.  Robin was pleased that he was not expected to climb the ladder any more.

Looking forward to a restful night’s sleep

So what have we been doing?  Sightseeing, of course, and making the most of the wonderful Sydney public transport system using our pre-loaded Opal Card exploring the city, traveling  on buses, trains and ferries using our card. Here are some sights from Circular Quay, a cruise ship in port, some of the cute little yellow ferries, with Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.  And I’m sure everyone will recognise the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

We took a trip across the harbour to Manly Beach on one of those ferries.  Sat on the beach and watched the young people sunbathing, swimming, and surfing, while thinking, "I used to have legs like that once!"  Never mind, at least mine still get me around, no trouble.


Selfie on the Manly Ferry

The following day we decided to go to another famous Sydney beach, Bondi Beach, traveling on the Bondi Bendy Bus which took us through suburbs chock full of heavy traffic.   And there’s the famous beach.  There were lots of surfers waiting for that perfect wave, and plenty of bikini clad beauties sun bathing on the beach.  It’s Spring in this part of the world, but come summer, the whole beach is covered with people.  Wet suited surfers carrying boards under their arms ran into the surf, paddling out to join the others.    Did you know that Robin did surf lifesaving in his younger days?

Bondi Beach

We had decided to go back to Sydney a different way, so that we could get a good overview of this large city.  Catching another local bus, we got off at Watsons Bay, and walked down to the ferry pier.  Great timing, one had just arrived and was almost ready to depart.  We love the ferry rides, so convenient, and a great way to get about.

Just in time to catch the ferry

Before too long we were almost at Circular Quay, home to all the ferries.  And here’s the famous Harbour Bridge.

Not quite the Titanic pose, but you get the idea

Madame Tussauds has newly arrived in the city, so we went to check it out.  As expected, most of the people showcased were Australians, sportspeople, politicians, and entertainers, some were familiar to us, while others were not.  I’m sure you will have heard of Steve Irwin from Australia Zoo, and he had a TV series.  This larger than life good keen Aussie bloke wrestled crocs and poisonous snakes and sadly was killed by a stingray while filming around the Great Barrier Reef.

Steve Irwin

Royalty were in town and wanted to meet me so I donned my best hat (borrowed from a selection hanging on hooks)  and went to say hello.

So pleased to meet you

We met some locals too on the wharf, there was quite a crowd gathered around as two Aboriginal men sang, danced and played the didgeridoo.

Entertainment at Circular Quay.

There was one more mode of Sydney transport to take, a ride on the light rail.   It was crammed full of people, with most disembarking just a few stops up the road, going to Paddy’s Market.  We stayed on for the full trip,  and did the return trip back to Central Station.

Sydney Light Rail

And just in case you think I’m getting lazy with all this holiday lark, I found the hotel guest laundries while we have been traveling and spent a little time there too.  Being a keen washerwoman, I made sure I packed some laundry detergent in my bag!

The laundry must get done, holiday or not!

Our time in Sydney is almost at an end, we’ll be finishing with a nice farewell meal out tonight - I’ve got a hankering for some juicy Aussie prawns.  This is our second trip to Sydney, and would you believe that I have yet to find the fancy Sydney shops and department stores - just as well I’m not a shopaholic. Tomorrow we will be flying home  to New Zealand, spending a few days in Auckland first then traveling down the Island on the Northern Explorer train.


Lyndsey said...

A great trip round Sydney. I enjoyed the tour a lot with your great photos. So long as my laundry is all done before I travel I can manage 2 weeks without doing any but after that it is a necessity. It's always good when the hotel provides guest laundry facilities.

Maria said...

I've only been to Central Station in Sydney nearly 50 years ago so it was lovely have a sight seeing tour with Robin and you...
Enjoy your train trip in NZ home.

Tired Teacher said...

I enjoy reading about your adventures. Your posts and photos give me the opportunity to travel in my comfy armchair.

Michelle Ridgway said...

You have had a great time doing the town over...loved your pics!

Jenny said...

THank you all, we enjoyed our time in Sydney, such a big, busy place, full of traffic and people everywhere!

Jo said...

Loved seeing your photos.
Sydney is crazy... You have travelled on more public transport than me... So happy you have enjoyed your time here in Aus

Karen S said...

Great to see you made the most of your time there. It is an easy place to get around and it looks like some good sunshine as well. That bed did look comfortable.

June's Jottings said...

Wow, sounds like you and Robin have had a wonderful trip, not sure when you are heading home, however have a safe trip and look forward to hearing from you soon.