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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Singer - I grew up with one of these

We visited the Coaltown Museum in Westport, and as usual, I looked around for any old textiles hidden away.  The first thing I saw was a display of old sewing machines.  I just love this old Singer.  Like so many of my generation, I grew up with one of these in the household.  I can remember treadling away as I stitched many a dress in my early teenage years.  Sadly, the family didn’t think our lovely old Singer had any value, and it was replaced  by one of those more modern electric sewing machines.  What a shame we didn’t appreciate what we had back then.
DSCF0940 So many of us learnt on a machine like this
Vintage quilts were no where to be seen in a museum that tells the story of West Coast coal mines, but I did spot some pretty vintage underwear, lengths of lace, and a dolls dress tucked away in a cabinet.
DSCF0942 Pretty vintage lace items
You have to wonder what sort of story these items could tell.  Did the articles survive because they wear only worn for “best” and were therefore tucked carefully away most of the time? 


Nancy J said...

Yes, I too grew up with a Singer, the drawers with the lovely cut out work, and the TREADLE, that went backwards all of its own.Dad had a motor attached, as my Mum did so much sewing for the country ladies where we lived, and yes, I would like it to be here today, and look at with many memories.And the clothes, were they hand sewn or done with a Singer, and who did the delioate washing and all the ironing?Someone has stored them so carefully,and wonderful you found the Museum to see them. Cheers from Jean.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Treasures froma bygone era - I really hope that we leave such beauty behind.
happy travels, Miche'le