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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quilts at Franz Josef

Down a leafy path off the main road in the township of Franz Josef is the pretty little St James Anglican Church, built in the black and white Tudor timbered style.  The doors were open, so we went in to have a look.
P4061898 St James Anglican Church
The interior was light and airy.  Years ago, the Franz Josef glacier could be seen through the  windows over the Alter of the church, but it has receded so much that it can no longer be seen from this viewpoint.
P4061893 Interior of the church
That looked suspiciously like a quilt draped over the alter, so of course I had to go and check it out.  It was a quilt, made with eight pointed stars in shades of purple and lilac, and a silver cross.   This part of the panel was machine quilted with straight lines.
DSCF0567 Stars and a cross on the front
Panels were attached at each side, which also featured a silver cross, and meander style machine quilting.
DSCF0568 Side panels
A peep around the back showed another quilt made up of red and green crosses on a pale green background, looking like flowering rata in the green bush.  The photo does not do it justice but I had a very small space to manoeuvre in.
DSCF0569 Back panel
Carefully lifting up the corners of the panels, I could not find out who the maker was.  If any local quilters know who did this lovely piece of work, please let me know.  The alter quilt seems to be very new and is so lovely in this setting.


June said...

I am really enjoying your blogs Jenny, what a fabulous country you are sharing with us - and isn't it great to find quilts in unexpected places.

Jenny and Robin said...

Thanks, June. We are having fun on our South Island holiday, and I just love discovery different quilty or textile treasures too.