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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The sad story of little Sasha

Sasha, the little dog belonging to my grand-daughter, passed away just prior to Christmas.  Sasha was a fox terrier cross and went everywhere with Emma,  to work, and out visiting friends and family.  This little bundle of energy was much loved and will be sadly missed.  Unfortunately, she met an untimely end when one of Emma’s horses got spooked and stepped back on the little dog.  It was an unfortunate accident and Emma is understandably heartbroken.
my puppy!! 006Emma and Sasha
This sad event has put me in a bit of a quandary.  I had stitched a  little dog blanket for Emma and Sasha as a Christmas gift, on which I appliquéd Sasha’s name.  It is made of polar fleece and the name is appliquéd on four sides, using both black and dog bone fabric.  It is big enough to fit in a basket, or a carry crate.  If Emma gets another puppy in the future, I am sure she will not name her new dog  Sasha again.  So I am offering my new unused dog blanket to anyone (or perhaps a family member) who has a dog called Sasha.  Please leave me a comment about your dog if you would like to go in the draw for the blanket.  I want it to be used and loved.
DSCF4830 The polar fleece dog blanket


Jan Quigley said...

Oh I hope there's a little Sasha out there waiting to snuggle into this special blanket.
So sad for Emma.

Maria said...

Oh Poor Emma to have lost her beloved pet this way.
The blanket is gorgeous and I am sure someone will love it.

Katie said...

So sorry about Sasha! I'm sure someone will love to have that blanket.

Jenny said...

Bern sent a message and suggested I keep the blanket, add a photo of Sasha to the middle, and give it to Emma as a Memory quilt. This suggestion is well worth considering too.

kcrockshi said...

It is such a sad story and although involved with dog sports, don't know of a Sasha. I like the suggestion of making a memory quilt.

Jan Quigley said...

I think Bern's idea is excellent though it may actually be a couple of years before Emma can use the rug. She'll need to reach the point where she can smile at the memory of Sasha & not cry & it takes time, as I'm sure we all know.

Marianne said...

That's so sad. Sasha was such a beautiful little pup.
I don't have a dog named Sasha, but my little grey tabby cat (she almost looks like an Australian Mist) is named Sasha (she had to be named something quilty).
I agree with Jenny and Bern about making a memory blanket for Emma.

Jenny said...

Several other quilters have also sent email messages agreeing to the suggestion about keeping Sasha's blanket as a memory quilt for Emma.