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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A bag with a difference.

Arriving home from our holiday last week I was delighted to find a Christmas parcel waiting to be discovered in the mail box.  What fun, I love parcels, don’t you?  It was from my quilting buddy Carol, who lives in South Dakota.  What could it be?  I try to avoid reading the customs declaration so that I get a nice surprise. It was a bag, made from woven selvages.  Now, that’s a clever idea, I haven’t seen selvedges used quite like this before.  A lovely label is sewn on to the inside pocket.
DSCF5203 My new selvedge bag
It was thanks to Carol that I discovered the wonderful world of working with selvedges, and she also gave me the link to Karen Griska’s great Selvage blog.  Do check it out, it is full of all sorts of inspiring works of art.   I bet I’m not the only stitcher who laments on all the selvedges which were cut off and discarded over the years.
 DSCF5204Close up of woven strips
Carol and I obviously both had these interesting little strips on our minds for Christmas, because I sent her a little selvage Christmas Tree wall-hanging.  Great minds must think alike!
DSCF4732 My gift to Carol


Julie said...

Lovely Bag Jenny, how ironic you both having the same idea to use selvedge's.

Beeshebags said...

Ditto to what Julie said about the same ideas being had by both....love the bag, you lucky girl you. Hugs Naomi