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Thursday, January 10, 2019

I seem to have a theme going

Christmas is over – it’s all packed away till next year.  Robin’s been up the ladder again taking down the strings of outdoor lights, with me steadying the ladder, just in case.  As we get older we are not so nimble, are we.  I’ve taken care of indoors, the various decorations are now safety packed away in their crates, (farewell till next year, my precious Jim Shore ornaments) and the Christmas quilts have come down too.

I’ve put three quilts up in the sitting room, and I seem to have a theme going - they all feature New Zealand native birds.  These aren’t new, so you may well have seen them before.  Hanging over the sofa is “My New Zealand Bird Quilt”, although it also features a tuatara, an ancient species from the dinosaur age.  (Do click on the link and read all about these interesting native animals).  This was hand appliqued and hand quilted and was completed in 2003. 

My New Zealand Bird quilt

Hanging by our computer desk is a a bird from the same pattern, a Kea (NZ alpine parrot)  made for my son for his 37th birthday.  As a youngster Michael was very interested in native birds.  Unfortunately when he moved house some years later he didn’t want his wall-hanging any more, so I made sure it came home to me. 

Kea – Nestor Notabilis

There are even more native birds on the wall by the entranceway.  “New Zealand Native Birds” was machine appliqued and quilted, and completed in 2017.

New Zealand Native Birds

It was while we were on a trip to USA some years ago that we were impressed by how patriotic everyone seemed.  We were staying with my pen friend in Juneau, Alaska, and she had several amazing local photos displayed on her walls.  As we traveled around we noticed there were flags flying everywhere, and we commented that we didn’t seem to do that back home.  Robin  purchased a flag pole several years ago and flies the New Zealand flag, and it seems that more people are doing this these days.  We certainly should be proud of our respective countries, I feel.


Julierose said...

Love bird pieces--beautiful work on these hugs, julierose

Tired Teacher said...

Your quilts and appliqué are beautiful. It lightens my heart to see the national flag flying. I'm glad you and Robin were trendsetters in your community for flying the NZ banner.

Judith nb Serena said...

We always fly a Welsh flag on the back of our boat. Love the wall hangings. Love the way you change your quilts around to match the seasons.
Judith nb Serena.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I enjoyed reading about your finished projects in the last post, Jenny. It all adds up doesn't it. Birds are so varied and beautiful and I never tire of them as a theme. Beautiful work, Jenny. There seems to be more flag flying around here too, which is also something we dont' typically do. But I think it's great...I think all the flags should fly. On a side note, my Dad was an amateur expert in how flags should be flown...order of them and such; it would bother him when he saw flags displayed incorrectly.

TheAwakenedSoul said...

I love seeing the flag blowing in the wind. I grew up in California, and we used to start school each day be saying The Pledge of Allegiance, with our hand over our heart. Then we sang patriotic songs; I loved them. It was a happy time. It set the tone for a positive day, and a spirit of gratitude. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Maria said...

Love your Header Jenny..
We fly the Aussie flag on the block..
Beautiful applique work...