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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.  Wonder what the new year will bring?  Lots of time for sewing, I hope.

Do you make resolutions, someone asked me the other day.  I had to say that no, I didn’t.  But I would like to whittle down my pile of UFOs and WIPs.  I classify UFOs as projects not worked on for some time and put away.  Out of sight – out of mind. 

WIPs, on the other hand, may also not have been worked on for a while.  But……. they have not been put away in a dark place, by any means.  These projects are likely to be found in the basket beside my sewing machine, so that I can get them out from time to time and see what needs to be done.  Rather like the birthday quilt I am making for my daughter, but had to be put aside so that I could work on the memory quilt for my friend.  There are several such WIPs in that basket, I must admit.

But how would I classify those other things we want to do?  .  Perhaps a pile of fabrics and a pattern put away somewhere.  Or maybe just a sketch tucked away in a note book.  Are these really projects at all?  Or just thoughts making up a wish list?

One of my quilty pen friends once wrote and told me she started the new year by counting up all her UFOs.  But she got such a fright when she reached 80 that she stopped counting!  I’m sure I haven’t got anywhere near that number, but there’s no way I’m counting up mine.  In this case I feel that ignorance might well be bliss!

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Kate said...

All the best for 2015, Jenny! Good luck with your UFOs and WIPs. :)