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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Travelling

Friend, workmate and fellow quilter Sandra was fare-welled from work as she sets off on a wonderful adventure. Sandra and her husband are off to Australia where they plan to buy a caravan and tow car and spend a year or so exploring. I made Sandra a New Zealand themed present to remind them of “home”, a couple of place mats for their caravan table . These are made from New Zealand design fabrics of flora, fauna, and Maori designs, and set off with black fabric.



As Sandra is Australian, I told her she will have no trouble understanding the lingo!! It will be a wonderful trip, and as a fellow caravanner, I am really envious. Happy travelling.

DSCF1910 Why are your eyes closed Sandra?


Deborah said...

Great way to use those NZ fabrics - really sets them off

shiny4444 said...

Hi there, found you from your post on KQ, lovely blog. Do have a look at mine http://shiny4444.blogspot.com and let me know what you think. Lis in autumnal UK

Janet M. Davies said...

The mats look great.

Design a great day,
Janet M. Davies - New Zealand

cinzia said...

They look simple but oh so effective. Good placement and colour choice. I bet she will love them.